Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back in Black

  Hi! How have you been? I've missed you!
I am back home now after 3 weeks in Austin Texas. I was away visiting 
my very best friend, she is an amazing artist who designs jewelry and
glass sculpture. It was exciting and inspiring to spend time with her. 
We played in her studio, had Texas adventures, we saw Lyle Lovett in concert 
and I set up her online boutique Les Reves De Poisson

There are so many things to see and do in Austin in is one of my favorite places. 
The people are sincerely friendly and the vintage is stupendous! 
I mailed myself some rather large boxes filled with fabulous vintage treasures. 
I cant wait to show you what I found! 

    photos - Zorian   

  Black Beret, vintage.  Hi-Tek sunnies, Ebay.  Leather military jacket, vintage. 
Gold studded bustier by Aria.  Leather wasp waist corset. 
Tulle Crinoline, vintage. Leather gloves, vintage.  Pleaser Victorian boots. 


Dusk said...

I have absolutely missed you you GORGEOUS Goddess you!! but it sounds like an interesting and exciting time away!

Will check out the site and really looking forward to seeing your treasures!

You look divine!! Just tutu fabulous hon. :D

Rosa&Carlotta said...

Great outfit, Love it! especially the round glasses :D
You look beautiful btw!
check out our fashion illustrations at :)