Tuesday, August 17, 2010

♡ Braid Day!! Braid Day!! ♡ Le French Braid ♡

  The trickiest part of french braiding your own hair is to figure out a way to hold three strands of hair with just two hands.  

   ph.  zorian  

Vintage mini dress.  Antique Dobbs Boater.  Wood Bracelets.  French Braid by Aria.


Frankie said...

your hair is so long and lovely~

Dusk said...

:)!!!!!!! I LOVE these simple and short and absolutely BANG effective thought-statements you come up with!

That is a marvelous braid and you are very clever to do this... yet another skill in your multi-tasking repertoire.

Tea Joeli said...

beautiful and inspiring picture:)