Saturday, August 7, 2010

♡ Braid Day!! Braid Day!! ♡

First official Braid Day post! 
  ph.  zorian  

     Braid Day will be a post dedicated to the beauty of the braid.  I learned to braid with 3 jump ropes tied together when I was 5.  “three pieces, only one could be in the middle so each piece takes a turn.”  I soon had the sense memory in my hands.  The rhythmic fluid motion that one gets threw practice.  I practiced on my dolls, myself, my long haired dog and any of my friends that would sit still.
     A little while ago Zorian gave me a book filled with exotic braids.  Some I had seen before and never knew how to do.  I made it my mission to learn and practice each one.  So whether you have short hair, long hair, curly hair or straight stay tuned for hairspiration Braid Day posts dedicated to the beauty of the braid.  

Vintage dress, Antique Dobbs Boater, Herringbone Braid by Aria.

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