Thursday, September 16, 2010

Antique Lace

Victorian Lace blouses are a thing of beauty.
Delicately detailed with hand embroidered net bobbin lace & intricately pin tuck pleated.  

   It  amazes me how something so delicate could have such longevity.   

  photos - Zorian  

Antique Victorian Lace top. Vintage slip dress. Vintage belt and jewelry.


LaurenSchoon said...

These photos are gorgeous! You have a beautiful blog.

Secondhand Society said...

fabulous, we love xx

Puck Litaay said...

I really like the garment, but these photo's are really stunning. Great blog!


Frankie said...

As usual, gorgeous look!
Particularly the key necklace, is really sweet.

Cindy Gabriella said...

lovin the look , and also your blog :)