Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fishin' Fishin' Fishin'

  I learned to fish about a year ago. I had never fished before and had always found it quite intriguing.  The idea of catching your own food, ruff and tough survival stuff. So when we moved to the sea learning to fish was at the top of my to do list.

I spent countless hours a day at the local fishing spot, with the real deal crusty fishermen.  At first I was “that girl” actually I was the only girl. I was in the way and couldn’t bait my own hook or tie my own knots. Day after day,  rain or shine,  I was there with my trusty pole in hand.  I became an eye bandit,  carefully watching these expert fishermen with each cast, each bait of the hook, each knot. I soon grew on those crusty fisherman, learning, at their feet, like a grandson would, the secrets of these seasoned sportsmen.  

This is a shot of my catch, a “Bonita”, (Bonita means beautiful in Spanish) on the day before Thanksgiving.  A front had just come threw and the fish were biting! The Bonita were running and all the serious fishermen were out hoping to land one. Getting a bite was the easy part, landing a fish, that is where the skill comes in. Bonita are like bull dogs, they are a medium sized predatory fish related to the mackerel and tuna family. They are ferocious fish who hunt in packs and like to eat and run. When they hit and run, if your hook is in their mouth, the line screams off the reel and you had better hold tight!  This particular Bonita ran me up and down the fishing Pier!  I wrestled patiently with him for 20 minutes,  a vigorous game of tug a war!  I was one of three people who actually landed a Bonita that day finally earning my “Serious Fisherperson”  merit badge.  

  photos - Zorian 

On Thanksgiving day I was back for more! Out in the rain I landed this beauty. One of my fishing buddies Tao, who is an amazing fisherman and sushi chef, offered to show Zorian and I how to sushi filet my catch. He explained how Bonita is a staple like tuna in the Orient. For Thanksgiving dinner I made Sushi, all we could eat fresh from the sea caught with my own two hands sushi!!   and it was amazingly delicious :) 

  Pic 1-2  Thrifted khakis (from the boys section) and hat.  Vintage linen oxford and belt.  Hanes boys tee and polarizing sunnies, Walmart.  Sperry Topsiders.  Bonita, Gulf of Mexico

Pic 3  Thrifted khakis (from the boys section) and hat.  Thrifted, Banana Rebublic sweater. Sperry Topsiders.  Reel & Pole by Penn.  Bonita, Gulf of Mexico.

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Dusk said...

Bravo!!! A bonita caught a Bonita!!!

Seriously impressive Aria, I like fishing too but I suck at it!!!

...and you look very Hemingway-ish...!! Gorgeous!