Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Romantic Apocalypse

  photos - Zorian  

Vintage band jacket. Vintage top hat. Vintage crinoline, bustier and tights. 
Antique Willsons Goggles, circa 1920's.
Pleaser Victorian boots.


Frankie said...

so gorgeous~

Anonymous said...

amazing photos!

xoxo Rach

Widdlesh said...

God, I LOVE all your photos! They're so amazing! And you always look gorgeous! :)

Dusk said...

I had to leave a gushing comment on Zorian's blog (too) because this is an amazing series of photos!
The mood, the setting, the effect, the styling...the model... it's just all so perfect! GORGEOUS!

Lala said...

this is amazing and I especially love the hat! :)