Saturday, September 18, 2010

Neo Victorian Steampunk

  You just cant find good lace cravats these days!
So, I decided to design the cravats of my dreams.
Lestat worthy lace confections, the kind I swoon over in period films.
Opulent & Extravagant! 

  This particular Cravat set, (cravat, scarf, and cuffs) I made with Vintage Chantilly lace.  

  Zorain hand distressed these boots, he created the perfect aged patina that I had been longing for.
I love them!  

  .......and the jacket, velvet with a glittery brocade print that sparkles like rhinestones in the sunlight.  

  photos - Zorian 

  Vintage top hat.  Vintage velvet brocade jacket.  Vintage blouse and jewelry.  Vintage leather pants.
Distressed boots by Zorian.  Chantilly lace cravat set by Aria, available at 


Widdlesh said...

Gorgeous as always!

Debbie said...

Love it.I especially like that you don't resort to all brown leather and brass like most attempts at steam-punk.