Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diamond in the Rough

  ph.  zorian  

I was out treasure hunting and stopped into a tiny thrift store. Jam packed with odds and ends this thrift store was organized like a yard sale gone wild. Random things crammed and piled here and there with hand written price tags attached by safety pins, tape and colorful yarn.  

As I made my way into the clothing “area” my spidey scenes began to tingle. Like a predator honing in on its prey I scanned. Moving in on an overburdened clothing rack in the corner. Half buried and hidden on this crowded rack I found a sad little knee length dress. I wrestled it from the wrack for a closer look. Bingo!! Gold Brocade now glistening in the the dim florescent light, this dress was so mine! Boned bodice, strapless, fully lined, bandage fit, it had all the ingredients for an amazing little number. 

So I paid and rushed home, I was now on a mission. Busted out my scissors, needle, thread and some coffee. After some minor surgery this sexy gold brocade body con mini emerged, shimmering and sparkling in the sun light, my little diamond in the rough.  

Dress  thrifted. Shoes by Nina.  Jewelry vintage. 


Anonymous said...

wow! love that dress! I'm a new reader of your blog and I've been meaning to ask...where abouts do you live? it's gorgeous there!

Aria said...

Rachel Hi! I live in sunny Florida by the sea. :) Thank you for the lovely comment.:)

Dusk said...

Oh wow what a find and on you it's just...vaVAVOOOOM!!! Love the shoes too.

You're just so divine! Actually... like this... you should be the star of a Bryan Ferry or Robert Palmer or Duran Duran video! You're the type of Glamazon that used to star in their music videos!

Anonymous said...

you make florida looks so foreign and exotic! kudos! also, love the corset in your new post. your pictures are always so gorgeous!

Aria said...

Thanks Rachel!