Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Moment

ph.  zorian  

Sunrise by the sea as the first warm golden rays of sun cascade across the island. Quiet stillness of the early morning. Whispering serenade of the waves, the familiar call of the gulls. A sip of iced tea sweetened with honey. A soft breeze cooling my skin and warm sand between my toes. To me this is perfection in a moment.  What is Your perfect summer moment? 

Antique Dobbs boater hat circa 1910. Vintage linen floral dress. Vintage jewelry and belt. 


Dusk said...

This is a perfect image and the perfect accompanying prose to describe your perfect moment...

Mine is not so different in location.
It would have to be sunset... sitting on our boat... dried salt on my sun kissed skin... eating stuffed bell peppers, vintage cheddar with jalapenos and drinking sparkling mango wine...the sound of the sea slapping against the hull... might just have to go for a walk to feel squeaky sand between my toes... gosh... I cannot wait for summer!!

Aria said...

Mmmmm I can TASTE your flavors of summer!!! :) Summer is not complete without Mango something-or-other! How many days left on your summer count down?


Aria said...

Salt on the skin Perfection!

Salt in the hair = sexy beach bunny hair, for all of you land locked readers, secret of the universe........... salt + water + spray bottle = sexy beach hair :)