Saturday, July 17, 2010

Willkommen Bienvenue Welcome

  ph.  zorian  

“You’ve never seen Cabaret?” Zorian said as he zipped over to Netflix to update the Queue. I soon fell in love with the noir burlesque imagery that followed. Joel Grey being my absolute favorite part of the movie. I still cant get that “Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome” song out of my head.

Vintage leather shorts. Vintage Derby hat. Pleaser Victorian boots. Pyramid Studded Bustier by Aria. Skull cane courtesy of Evander Preston Jewelry.


Wild Cat said...

your comment made me really happy :)
i'm sorry you spit milk!!!

jamie-lee said...

wow these photos are so great, I love it!

Maria said...

great photos1! Lovely :)

-Maria, from Los Angeles*

Dusk said...

Sally Bowles eat your heart out!!!!

Dayam sugah! You look... dangerous... !!!!

" have to understand the way I am mein herr... a tiger is a tiger, not a lamb..."!!!

Aria said...

HAH!HAHahahhahah! Dusk you made me burst out into a spontaneous musical number in my living room when I read your comment!!!