Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Fierce, Feminine and Fearless. Spear and Shield in hand ready for the thrill of the hunt.

Back off B!*@$ES , Those shoes are MINE!!!
  ph.  zorian

This post is part one of a shoot Zorian and I did for my Origami Coverup Set. Stay tuned Part two coming soon.......
Spear and Shield by Evander courtesy of Evander Preston Jewelry. Antique African Necklace courtesy of Evander Preston Jewelry. Origami Coverup Set by Aria.

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Dusk said...

OHMYGODDDDDD!!!! You are Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.
...and your arms... they are honed Woman!!!

I did see the Origami Cover-up in your Etsy store...the skirt is to die for!! And I love the name of the set. You are very good honey, very very talented.

hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! re thrill of the shoe hunt!!