Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A walk with Jeffrey

Tired of flops and crocs take Jeffrey for a walk on the beach. 

  ph.  zorian  

Vintage romper, Antique Dobbs boater, Jeffrey Campbell Clogs.  


Dusk said...

Oooh nice... I dolove these caramel clogs.... am still deciding if I want to go back there!! I clogged in my hours way back when but... now I wish I had kept my clogs from way back when!

You look adorable! Zorian is a fantastic photographer... but of course he has a beautiful subject...!

DaisyLine said...

great pics and cute outfit :)
have a nice day!

Aria said...

Dusk if you had keep your clogs they would be vintage Treasures and worth a small fortune! :)

Aria said...

Daisy thank you for visiting my blog :)