Monday, July 5, 2010

Steampunk Militaria

ph.  zorian  

What do you get when you mix feathers, lace, studs and chain mail? Show stopping Steampunk Militaria! 

Armor Studded Lace Bustier by Aria. Vintage Band Hat. Vintage tulle crinoline. Pleaser Victorian boots.


mel said...

you look amazing! this is so professinal i thoughht it was from a magazine! wow, love it:)

Kendr▲ said...

Great post, you have an awesome blog!
Had to go back several posts even.
Will be back again..
Hope you can check out mine
and maybe follow if you like it :)

Roz said...

You look really amazing here.. I love the bold style of the photos and the styling - reminds me almost of a doll!
I'm impressed by your homemade lace bustier, it looks fantastic with the vintage crinoline. Great detail with the hat.
The colours are so vivid in these photos!

Thanks for the sweet comment.

Leia said...

You look fantastic! I thought this was a professional photoshoot!

Following you now :)

Leia's Delights

parisian_love1 said...

Wow this is great! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Mark said...

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Michel said...

The lady was looking good in black gown and i think the stylist was the perfect of his field too.