Friday, July 23, 2010

My New Hat

ph.  zorian  

I was so inspired by my new vintage band hat that I had to stop everything and create a studded bustier Stat! ............and here it is DA DA DAAADAAAAAA!

Vintage Band Hat. Vintage Crinoline. Pleaser Victorian Boots. Studded Bustier by Aria.


Abi-Anne said...

This is great! Love the bustier and hat.

Frankie said...

the outfit is gorgeous :D
the shoes remind me a little of Balmain's stuff

Wild Cat said...

1.) you are absolutely beautiful!
2.) red and not red, haha so clever! I totally agree. The non-rames are so insignificant compared to my 10 shades of red they don't deserve a specific identity.
Stay golden
<3 Olivia

Sara* said...

Congrats for you blog! :)
Join on mine

and add you on my follower!
The favore will be returned

Aria said...

Sara thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, I am now officially following you on Bloglovin (follower #12) :D

♡ Aria