Monday, July 26, 2010

Combat Boots

I'm not one for flats, I have an unspoken 5 inch and up rule, But I will make an exception when it comes to combat boots. There’s something about tromping around in clunky oversized steel toe boots that I find quite fun. I prefer pairing them with dresses, kind of a visual oxymoron that shouts “Frilly Badass coming threw!”

  ph.  zorian  

Vintage dress. Vintage top hat. Vintage jewelry. Studded Combat Boots by Aria.


Dusk said...

gasp!! Could you be any more divine and FANTASTIC????

This is so cool! I love 'frocktails'... an eclectic mix of style... :) You know what? If Peter Pan was Peta Pan, you would be the funky sexy version!!!!

Bombchell said...

wow!!!! amazing pics

ryder said...

is it just me or u look like barbie doll